Our Exciting features

Our goal is to ensure the most convenient and quick clothes try-on service on the market. That’s why we don’t require special equipment and complicated hardware.

How our plugin for virtual try-on works



Select an item of clothes



Take or upload your photo



Result image + Fitting info

How We're Building Varvara Virtual Try-On

Our team is dedicated to build world class service, based on machine learning algorithms and neural networks, that allows users to virtually try-on clothes online using our plugin. Service provides additional information about how well selected clothes fit the user.

Easy online shopping

Our service is focused on solving real problems on the online shopping market. Providing safe environment for people to Virtually try-on clothes. Increase in satisfaction from online shopping, provision of visual and fitting info.

For our B2B clients:

  • Easy to integrate plugin
  • Decrease return rates
  • Increase sales and conversion
  • Happy customers
  • Analytics based on customers fitting info
  • Scalable depending on requirements

Meet Our team

Our team has over 10 years of experience in high-tech development, corporate and strategic management of projects from several Economic sectors of the economy at the top management level, including attraction of investments and development of projects from early stages.